I hope this website reflects the experiences I have enjoyed for the last three decades and more as a professional photographer. I hope it also nods to the future as I want to find new ways of taking photographs and expressing myself.

Having worked in so many different sectors within photography and publishing nowadays I seem to be more interested in an artistic approach to my photography work.

To this end I am very interested in the state of the conscious and unconscious mind and how we interact with images, how we approach the business of making images.

Is it possible to work around the unconscious and by sometimes letting go, or being in the ‘now’, we might start to explore new areas of photography and in doing so create a new visual ‘voice’.

Either way I know this latest journey will be intriguing and exciting.

The site is split into three sections. In progress is work still underway and some of it is experimental from my perspective.

Stories are just that.

Ramblings, are a few short reads about things that interest me.

There is a shop should you like to order prints and the like.

As they say feedback is always appreciated.