Appropriation in the dictionary can mean the following: take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.

The world wide web is rich pickings with some much content. These projects explore a number of themes ranging from how we depict our world from a perverse perspective full of contradictions and contrast to the outright ridiculous.

So-called ‘prosumers’ of visual information – users that re-produce content by circulating and re-contextualising what they receive.
Alfredo Cramerotti

The growth of the curator seems to be a modern trait of photography. People who scan the web for material and then offer this to their own followers. In reality none of us have the time to absorb all of these feeds we follow and so in this instance maybe the curator is the way to go. However like most websites, news feeds, blogs and social feeds there must be caution - do we trust the source?