The Future

From the past we imagine a future. Photography from its invention and its rich past was always evolving. Catching images wether on film or digitally is still about the same basic principal. A moment frozen at the speed of light.

Where we are now,

1826 – first photo ever.
By 1930, about a billion photos were taken a year.
By 1970, about 10 billion photos were taken a year.
By 1990, about 57 billion photos were taken a year.
By 2000, about 86 billion photos were taken a year.
Today, we take more than 380 billion photos a year and rising.

The reality is that we now take more pictures annually in one year than the whole of the analogue archive.

The future can only be what we imagine, because what was today will have moved on tomorrow. Therefore the time is for adventurers to push the practise of photography forward. If not we will drown in the noisy digital rain storm that is getting bigger and bigger and our voice as story tellers will be obscured by Go Pokemon and the plethora of inane images that neither adds to humanity or furthers our understanding of world in chaos.

As photographers, what the future offers is uncertain. Maybe this is what makes it challenging and exciting.