Unlike memories stored in the cloud or on Instagram these memories arrived in physical boxes. Each box containing 35mm transparencies. Essentially they present a narrative of an English family (my) living in Australia.

In reading “Family Secrets: Acts of Memory and Imagination” by Annette Kuhn she makes the following abservation.

“In order to show what it is evidence of, a photograph must always point you away from itself. Family photographs are supposed to show not so much that we were once there, as how we once were: to evoke memories which might have little or nothing to do with what is actually in the picture. The photograph is a prop, a prompt, a pre-text: it sets the scene for recollection.‎”

When these transparencies were digitised and then viewed by family members the memories rather than being literal evidence mainly revolved around other memories. Kuhn in her book presents ideas that the photograph simply acts as a mechanism almost like time travel to a past but given a context that the viewer chooses. They simply become a catalyst to other memories or agendas.