Life in the north highlands and the isles of Scotland on the Estates still reverberates a tradition and way of life harking back to victorian times. The establishment of large estates were a result of the clearances. The people were forced from their homes violently with no regards to their traditions and rights. The Scottish diaspora is described as people who emigrated? These people having been removed from their holdings were often give passage on ships bound for new lands with little or no choice.

The process of eviction from lands still continues today across the world. The pain for these people slowly becomes hidden as the land and nature slowly hide the pain. The people and their history gone but the land remains hiding a past which occasionally reveals itself. In Scotland the Rowan tree often marks the place where people might have lived.

Whilst history time and time again informs us of past horrors, violence, displacement and horror still continues today. The act of remembering seems to be more and more important. If we do not remember we do not learn.

History unfortunately repeats its self as government and people in power for various motives will displace people because of greed, politics or religious beliefs its seems even more relevant to remember.