A couple of years ago my father presented me with a box. Inside the box were boxes of 35mm slides and reels of cine film.

The images here are a small selection as I am still in the process of sorting, editing and scanning.

These two photographs caught my eye.

I asked my parents about it and this is what I have found.

The photograph here taken by my father in 1969 was of Norman Parkinson, the model Maudie James, some poor lion and his handler. The shoot was conducted in the grounds of the British Embassy in Addis Ababa. The story was that Norman turned up needing somewhere to do the shoot and the embassy agreed.

The symbol of Ethiopia – the “Lion of Sheba”, still the national symbol but how the world has changed. The lion in the shoot was described as very docile and had had its claws removed. 50 years on the attitudes to native animals and captive animals has changed.

A bit of digging online and eBay I found this...

This is a page from British Vogue, January 1969 and sure enough the photograph Norman Parkinson made.