This is located in China’s southwest region, the Information Office of China’s State Council, the China National Tourism Administration, China News Service and UNESCO.This fascinating photography exhibition has been staged in the colourful Chinese province of Guizhou since 2008 with Chinese photographers invited to submit a portfolio of work from their own cities and regions.

In 2011 the contest was opened up to foreign photographers so that the different worldwide cultures and communities could be seen side-by-side, demonstrating China’s ongoing campaign for a ‘more harmonious’ world.

Today the competition has achieved global acclaim and features remarkable images by photographers from across China and the rest of the world.

While the exhibition provides a platform for showcasing the different ethnic cultures that populate Guizhou the photographers are also able to include selected photo essays of other cultures from around the world, thus truly lifting the ‘China Photo Original’ event onto the world stage.

I have been fortunate to attend four of these sessions and I hope to return.

"We want to bring the exhibition to international attention"

Zhang Yifan
Chief director of the exhibition