Recently my father presented me with his image archives which is made up of 35mm transparencies and cine film.

It has proven to be a fantastic journey so far. Each slide presents clues and suggestions of a history and family life represented in a frame. This archive or family album which unlike digital archive is limited in number.

The process of exploring, remembering, uncovering and researching is raising more questions than answers.

This particular image was taken in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia about 47 years ago. My father at that time was on his second post in the then Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Several family conversations took place and several “facts” uncovered. My parents agreed that I took the photograph and I suppose the fact that I am not in the photograph by deduction also evidences this particular fact.

The dilemma presented was to do with a disagreement of where the haha (stream) was. As a child I remembered climbing down and exploring. The haha was also a boarder between the British and Russian embassy’s. The dilemma was that it should have been on the left of the frame and the picture suggested it to be on the right.

This small detail was finally resolved. It was on the left but the photograph when being scanned for some reason had been inverted.

All photographs can be evidence and it’s interesting this interplay with memory and how very quickly and in this instance of the passing of time changes that evidence.

However it is the first found photograph I took.