No. 92203 was built by Swindon and delivered on 6 April 1959. When withdrawn in November 1967[5] after a working life of less than nine years, it was working the heavy iron ore trains out of Bidston Dock, Birkenhead to Shotwick Shotton steelworks, and worked the last steam-hauled ore train in November 1967.

The locomotive was purchased straight from BR by the artist David Shepherd for £3,000 and moved to the Longmoor Military Railway. He named her Black Prince, a name never carried by 92203 in British Railways service. On closure of the LMR, 92203 moved to Eastleigh Depot and then, in 1973, to the East Somerset Railway, where it was based until 1998.

During this period 92203 visited several other heritage railways and in September 1982 hauled the heaviest freight train in Britain, 2198 tonnes, at Foster Yeoman's Tor Works. After being overhauled at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in 2004, she worked there until 2011. She then moved to the North Norfolk Railway and re-entered service there in 2014 after receiving an overhaul. She was purchased by the railway in 2015.