Woodland Enterprises

From photography to making and publishing books which was great fun and led inevitably to using other modern digital platforms to tell stories. 

Soon building websites became a necessity. This modern platform is essential in todays world. So whilst I would love to be out playing swing ball come rain or shine. Here is a bit of information about what we do.

Today everybody needs to be connected. Not just to the world but across your social media platforms.

We provide small to medium sized businesses with a full range of services. This includes , professional photography, custom website design, website development and work with a partner company who provide SEO services. We also have a wide experience in marketing, PR and publishing.

All these skills can and do allow us to provide you with a one-stop solution to your needs in this fast paced business world.

We help you connect.

Rather than just providing a website we explain how to develop a full program integrating social media.

What we do.

Responsive Website Design
Website Development
Content Development
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Web Hosting and Domain name services
Self Populated Websites

We are happy to get you going.

If you want to have a go yourself here are some top favourites.


The list goes on and on. Some of them are quite good....

And, they all start off free!

We have a slightly different approach. We make your template to your spec, add some mechanics and your good to go.

We work with Rapidweaver, Foundation, Joe Workman and the Big White Duck amongst others.

We can build a bespoke website, or, what we are doing more and more is building CMS sites. We launch it to your server and you add the content using your browser. Type in text and its there in an instant. Just like this website.

Drop a picutre and its there. Add a video. Its up to you.