The brief was to create a platform that could be populated by individuals without needing to go through the web master.

The site needed to function with multiple relevant social media platforms to get be greater reach. After consultation this was decided to be LinkedIn, Facebook (page), Youtube and Google+.

The site needed to be flexible (capable of working from mobile upwards.

The site needed to confirm to the latest security protocols that google specify so the site confirms to https, google verification, and is meta and Og data compliant.

The site is setup with a standard SEO package.

However the strength of the site rests on its collaborative nature. More about this to come later....... “Strength in numbers and collaborative sharing”

The Wye Dean Wellbeing Website is a collaborative portal.

The overall aim of the group is as follows: “It is the mission of Wye Dean Wellbeing to provide an easily accessible platform and directory of wellbeing practitioners and their services in the Royal Forest of Dean, Wye Valley and surrounding areas.”

“An ambition of the group is to provide an online resource to better inform and educate people about alternative thinking and practices.”

Technical. The site is totally CMS so all the content is uploaded in real time through a browser by the members. It can grow it’s content over time.

The users can upload content about themselves and provide information for the public to be better informed about the choices they make.

We provide the site but more importantly we hold your hand during the process providing training and ideas about the best way to collaborate and be effective with social media and marketing.

Get in touch if you have a project for an initial consultation [email protected]