In our ever changing modern digital, instant, click click world, we seem to have a necessity or maybe its a calling, to pour out our every thought, our every sight, out to a largely random audience. Well, except for the few real friends I have, my new friends..... most I have not met face to face. I do have some new friends apparently, @dawnkorte669 or @jessie23_ill_make_you_rich. Virtual world, virtual and generous new friends. Maybe well meet one day, but I suspect not, - although @jessie23_ill_make_you_rich seems adamant that she wants to assist with my financial affairs... I am nearly tempted.

Anyway, pretty much everything has been photographed so Susan Sontag tells us. I must admit to becoming more and more bored and certainly overloaded to the point of drowning by numbers. I can't keep up and devote appropriate time to exploring the many feeds I follow, which is a shame.

I do ponder a culture where status and pseudo fame is achieved by a like or by the number of followers I have or don't - shudder the thought. If this is the brave new world which will undoubtably be proceeded and exceed by another brave new world in due course - where does it leave me as a story teller - honestly I have no idea.

So in we all jump in like lemmings pouring out images or copies of our world and experiences to a world of zero's and ones that exits as long as the lights are burning. Give me personally a print any day.

So whilst rambling on here are some of my feeds that add to the over populated world of pictures. Feeding the inevitable sludge of discarded and pointless electronic copies of the world to the world - enjoy.