Yes I can build you a website.

Or I can take you through a journey of coordinating your website, your content and your messages across your platforms in an efficient and planned way that will get you the results you have defined.

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I've been a photographer for 35 years working in and around communications. I have extensive and varied experience within this sector.

I have 18 years’ experience in publishing and 15 years’ experience in website development working with American and UK developers.

Collectively we make websites from scratch, publish books and take photographs.

The whole conversation about marketing in a digital world can get very complicated very quickly.

An old school friend who headed up Virgin Media once commented when we were discussing being "found on the web" with this simple comment.

Play by the rules, create quality content on a regular basis and share this content.

Leon Benjamin - Chief Adoption Officer at Adoptt

This section of the website is intended to show you the different elements that can make up your armoury to get noticed and more importantly found by people who want to engage with you or the services/products you are offering.

Please explore these sections where we look at:

Websites in general
Images and website
Some of my clients websites

Social media
Sharing - what is this
Collaboration - why is this important
Content is king
Linking, Forums and Portals

Coming Soon
Partners we work with
Learning rather than commissioning
Free resources

I hope you enjoy the content. I would love to work with you and help you on your journey so, if you want to ask some questions or commission work then as they say drop me a line.

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