Publishing Books and Photo Books
Full Design and Printing

So much has happened since the advent of the computer regarding publishing, some of these changes are for the better and some not so.

I have published 30 books to date and my first book "Liverpool: the first 1000 years" in conjunction with Arabella McIntyre-Brown sold over 20,000 copies in 10 days and was a number one seller in Waterstones. The book was even cited in the House of Lords. You can view the backlist of books here >>>>

Many of these books were funded by commercial partnerships and many books I simply helped other people achieve their ambitions, starting with the idea, developing the idea and then putting the book together and finally printing in Barcelona my preferred printing destinations.

I can help you.

Book Publishing

The difference between a commercial printed book which is printed on a commercial press like a Heidelberg Offset Press which prints about 10,000 sheets an hour in comparison to a digitally printed book is the unit cost. Whereas typically a book might cost £120/unit from a digital printer like BLURB might compare to £5/unit on a commercial press. But, obviously to be printing on a commercial press you need to have the confidence in volume you are going to print and sell.

I can offer a full consultation service if this is something you require.

Working with our team we can offer the following:

Copy writing
Copy Proofing
Layout and Design
Press ready proofs
On press approval
Delivery back to the UK

Please get in touch for more information.

Photo Books

So not everybody wants to print 10,000 copies. This is where the Photo Book comes into its own.

There are numerous companies offering to print set dimensioned books and some are very good.

Here we offer all the above services and produce the book in the same way, just print fewer copies.

Here are a few Blurb books

The Court Barton Shoot >>>>>
Go Super Lamb Bananas >>>>>
Ten People That Shook The World 

Other Forms of Publishing