I've spent all of my life involved with Photography. As a child traveling with parents around the globe using a Kodak Instamatic 35mm camera here is my first found photograph. The date would have been around 1968/1969.

addis ababa ethiopia - british embassy
This fascination for recording stayed with me and as a young man entered the world of commercial photography in the early 80's where I worked on merseyside. I worked for an industrial photographer for 6 months and in the end branched out on my own away from industry into editorial/reportage photography.The film camera was undoubtably a badge, it gave you access to places, people and areas you wouldn't normally go.Ironically this was going to change. 

For me this change was in 2002.

In 2002 I purchased my first digital camera a Nikon F1. The digital age was going to change everything. No more labs charges, no more film bills. I calculated that it would save about £25k/years.

Ill discuss this later. The point I guess is wether it be film photography or digital photography the story there is always a story.

The two photographs above for me bridge the film and digital worlds. The photo on the left a picture of me and my sister shot on film and the picture on the right a digital picture of my late father in pretty much the same position by the sire of the river Medway. How things have changed in 18 years.


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