These tools are used to check the accessibility of your website. They give you a score and a report.

These Automated tools are useful but they do not tell the whole picture. The scores I think are dubious as different sites give you different accessibility scores. However they do actually perform some useful functions.

At Senclude we believe that the user (that human being) is the ultimate judge of a website.

Time and time again we have come across websites that don't even get to consider their accessibility. Why, because they are just not usable full stop for a sighted person. 

If you consider that a website in part is there to offer quality content and information that needs to be legible and easily read and easily accessible.

If that is achieved then you probably have an accessible website.

So in order to check your your headings, list, links and have your HTML all stacked up you could have a look at these to help you on your way.

Web Accessibility

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

There are many more such tools and here at Senclude we will be posting them over the next few months, so remember to check back from time to time and if you find any there please drop us an email.

And, remember the person is the best evaluation tool and we have a team here to help you.