Professionally I have worked as a commercial photographer, most of it spent on Merseyside. This includes 10 years undertaking aerial photography and learning to fly.

I have spent 15 years publishing books - a lot of fun telling stories with renowned writer Lew Baxter who passed away this year.

Publishing led to websites. So for the last 15 years Ive developed websites using stacks from LA developer Joe Workman and Foundation 6. The last two years Ive been working on accessibility issues relating to Blind and visually impaired people working with SenClude and Mindful Vision (not quite launched - watch this space).

I earn a living from the web and all that goes with it, domains, hosting, building, managing, SEO, google analytics, business pages, social media etc.

I don't provide websites as such (head-on to WIX or another free platforms if you need a static website that won't do anything for you,)  but rather take you through the whole journey to ensure you are compliant and can be found out in the world and more importantly have a website that actually gets you found.

I have to mention Kodak Instmatics. In the 60's this camera revolutionised photography probably more so than any other analogue camera. I own quite a few.

My Dad before he passed away gave me all his cine films, dvds and slide films from his life as a diplomat - I bought the digitalisation and kept it so am happy to get you from analogue to digital.

Back to reality, get in touch if you want to talk about any thing to do with the web.