The whole world are photographers.

Analogue photographers went through years of training, learning, followed by years working as assistants. It took years to learn the science of photography and film. The learning curve was huge, film, exposure, lighting, processing and printing, lighting etc. being creative was probably the last step. Ironically this is probably in reverse today.

Today everyone is a photographer either using their phone or using digital cameras. But is it's a medium loosing control? We are certainly bombarded by the noise of photography.

The Red Room is about back to basics within photography. A mobile darkroom and space to exchange ideas about photography.

We can explore using film cameras, process the film and then develop that print. Real tactile and something to treasure.

photograph of a caravan glowing with red light at night
Here you can explore the analogue world of film and silver printing.

The mobile darkroom is ready we just need some good news from government.