Sichuan - ‘Never Forget Wenchuan 2008’

Colourful Guizhou

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This website focuses on the Chinese province of Sichuan and its successful efforts to regenerate and rebuild the region after the devastating ‘Wenchuan’ earthquake in 2008 left 70,000 people dead and lay waste to large areas. The area was again struck by an earthquake (magnitude 7.0) in April 2013 leaving over 200 dead and 11,000 injured. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited the area to oversee rescue efforts.


This website is dedicated to the fascinating province of Guizhou located in China’s southwest on the Yunnan-Kweichow Plateau.

Working in cooperation with ‘China Photo Original’, a cultural and media organisation that participates in international photographic collaborations and competitions, this particular Sino Creative project highlights the qualities that make Guizhou one of the most intriguing places to photograph in China.

For this project we are also working closely with the China News Service bureau in the popular tourism city of Guiyang.

A web site about photography and China.


– Promoting the Cultural Awareness of Lanzhou and the Province.
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