So working with the Visual Impaired (VI) community we are collectivly trying to make that web experience better for all. I work with a great team of passionate people and we are in the process of setting up a Community Interest Company which will be able to offer advice regarding accessibility.

Also I have a film/print mobile darkroom and a huge array of film cameras which are available for a unique experience. Throw away your digital life for one moment and experience the stillness of film. Turn that negative into a positive...

Professionally to today

I started off as a commercial photographer on Merseyside. Photography in those days provided access. Access to all sorts of places here in the UK and abroad, America, Benin, Portugal, China (many times). Access to aeroplanes and helicopters and access to people. I was able to photograph people like the Queen, Margaret Thatcher, Lord Heseltine and hundreds of others. In some ways photography was about the opportunity it provided, "camera all areas."

I started working in Liverpool

In the 80's Liverpool underwent a massive transformation culminating in UNSECO granting World Heritage Status in 2004 (in 1999 I started publishing books). I published a book "Liverpool (UNESCO) - World Heritage City" to celebrate this event proudly printing it in Barcelona and presenting it to the then leader of the council Mike Storey and David Henshaw Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council within 48 hours of the announcement.


Work wise today most of my time and efforts are spent working around accessibility issues around website navigation and research how to make the web accessible for all from a pratical perspective.

I work with a great team of people who are developing and establishing a charity. The main objective of the charity is to recruit, train and employ blind, severely sight impaired or visually impaired people and provide them with meaning long term employment that allows them to flourish and grow. I have two sons, my eldest is severely sight impaired and through him I started to explore the world from his perspective.

Over my working life I have been able to many things. This includes 10 years undertaking aerial photography which I learnt from a great and now passed away photographer Hal Mullin. 

During this time I learnt to fly mainly in Cessnas, although I never completed my license.


I then spent 15 years publishing books, more by chance than design - a lot of fun telling stories with renowned writer Lew Baxter who passed away in 2021. We worked with some great partners like Nikon, HP, Liverpool University, John Moores, Mike McCartney and other great people.

Publishing led to websites and so for the last 15 years Ive built websites using stacks and Foundation 6 from LA developer Joe Workman.

Senclude and MindfulVision

Working with SenClude and Mindful Vision (not quite launched - watch this space) has allowed me to better understand some of the challenges face by people with disabilities.

Wye Dean Wellbeing and Ashleys Meadow

I also work with another group of great people who are collectively known are Wye Dean Wellbeing. Based in the Forest of Dean they collectively have skills all around wellbeing which include forest bathing, mindfulness, CBT, psychology and therapy/counselling. The main concern and challenge is to make these services and therapies available to the local community - and god knows after the last two years there is a real need. I also am involved with Ashleys Meadow.

Building Websites

I earn a living from the web and all that goes with it, domains, hosting, building, managing, SEO, google analytics, business pages, social media etc, but as said earlier I am concentrating on the charity this year. 

Kodak Instamatics

I have to mention Kodak Instmatics. In the 60's this camera revolutionised photography probably more so than any other camera development.My first found photograph taken when I was 5 was on a Kodak Instamatic. So I started collecting them and now I now own quite a few.

Film Photography and Film Processing

So I started life as a film photographer who reluctantly moved into the digital era in 2002 for commercial reason. But in order to pander to that slower world of film I have a mobile darkroom which I refer to fondly as the Red Room equipped with 2 colour enlargers and film processing equipment (which is available for hire). 

And for people who might want to explore the wonderful world of film I have a 4x5" plate camera, several medium format cameras and a plethora of 35mm cameras and will be running the first photo sessions for the public in the summer. Scroll down that page for the full range of sessions available.

Feel free to get in touch about any of the above.