Film photography transitioned into digital photography and then there was AI imagery, where will it end. This article is a created using text from Bard and images from Bing.

It's impossible to say definitively where the evolution of imagery will end, as technological advancements and artistic expression are constantly pushing boundaries. Here are some potential future directions based on the trends we see today:

Deepening integration with AI

AI's role in imagery is likely to become more profound. We may see tools that go beyond automatic adjustments to understand and enhance your artistic vision, suggesting compositions, manipulating elements within a scene, or even generating entirely new images based on your ideas.

Merging of realities

The lines between traditional photography, digital manipulation, and AI generation could blur further. We might see tools that seamlessly blend real-world elements with AI-generated details, creating hyperrealistic scenes or fantastical landscapes.

Focus on experience and interaction

The emphasis could shift from capturing static images to creating immersive experiences. Imagine interactive environments where images respond to your movement or emotions, or AI-powered storytelling tools that weave narratives through dynamic visuals.

Democratisation of image creation

AI could make image creation more accessible to everyone. Easy-to-use tools could allow anyone to generate high-quality visuals, even without advanced artistic skills or technical knowledge.

Ethical considerations

With increasing power comes increased responsibility. As AI tools become more sophisticated, ethical concerns around ownership, authenticity, and potential manipulation will need to be addressed.

Ultimately, the future of imagery will likely be shaped by a complex interplay of technology, societal values, and individual creativity. While predicting an end point is impossible, we can embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead and use these innovative tools to explore new forms of visual expression.