Accessibility on the web isn't optional, it's required!  Web accessibility is both a requirement and simply the right thing to do.

If the Internet is a global village, then it is needless to say that web accessibility are the electronic curb cuts that enable all of us to have equal access to it's information. And just like curb cuts, web accessibility isn't some random feature that can be tacked on later. No, web accessibility is both a requirement and simply the right thing to do. We as graphic designers are in a unique position where we have control over how content is presented, and we owe it to our users to identify, remove, and prevent any barriers to access.

Valery Marier

Disability and the challenges that people face everyday have for many years been largely ignored, or lip service has been applied. Rose Ayling-Ellis recent BAFTA award for her wining dance on Strictly Come Dancing's with dance partner Giovanni Pernice has created a dialogue to discuss disability and accessibility. Many other people are now coming forward to share their life experiences and talk bout their challenges and how they have overcome some of these challenges.

Working with disabled people we listen, design and test websites. We have several partners including Senclude, MindfulVision, Alleys Meadow and Wye Dean Wellbeing

MindfulVision can offer usability testing but rather we want to be involved with your project before it becomes a barrier.

Get in touch and we can talk you through a process that will make your website an experience for all.