The WWW, Publishing, Photography and Digitisation.

Welcome to my little offering in cyber space. A space that none of us can ignore. That being said a website is just one tool for us to reach out into the world.

My name is Guy Woodland and I have been involved in marketing and communication for most of my working career, sometimes as the client and sometimes as the provider.

In this period I have worked as a commercial photographer with over 30 years experience. Out of nessecity and in part because of the way technologies have evolved I branched out into Publishing (after a chance meeting with a bank, more later...) and inevitably website development.

I have published 30 books to date and my first book "Liverpool: the first 1000 years" in conjunction with Arabella McIntyre-Brown sold over 20,000 copies in 10 days and was a number one seller in Waterstones. The book was even cited in the House of Lords. You can view the backlist of books here

The clock is ticking....... In the last year I inherited my Dad's cine film and slide collection.

As I had started my career as a commercial photographer shooting film (for 20+ years) up until 2000 this back catalogue of film has slowly been digitised over the years.

Now with the family archive this two has been digitised. Cine film from around the world recording a bygone age and illustrating my childhood.

With this investment I am now able to offer a full digitisation service. If its old school I can digitise it. VHS, tape in general, cine film, photographic film. DVD's soon to be a thing of the past as most computers head for the cloud we can get these files to the cloud for you.

Lastly we also provide a professional location or studio based flat calibrated copy service suitable for art, documents and memorablia.

Moving on from publishing, websites and social media  was a logical progression. At the end of the day publishing or telling stories is just that how you publish and tell those stories has become so much easier with the advent of self publishing platforms like BLURB etc. The website can be another publishing platform.

So for 15 years I have been refining this development and concentrating on the triangular relationships between the web and social media.

Working with American and UK developers collectively we make websites from scratch. You imagine and we create it.

I am best suited working with SMEs and am very interesting in building up individuals and teams so they have the digital skills to support their businesses. I provide you with the tools to successfully make your business visible on the net.

Simply put, if you want a website, yes I can build one to your specification. But, I would rather take you through the whole process of management and give you the tools to market you and your business effectively so that the process and platforms really work for you.

So if you would like some help to get visible and found in this modern world then get in touch.

I have a passion for film photography and shoot film occasionally for clients. I enjoy teaching fundamental analogue camera skills. This knowledge is often overlooked as the computer takes over so many camera skills. But, if you learn those skills they will inevitably make you a better photographer when using a digital camera.

The darkroom or the Red Room, a place of magic where we make silver based prints. This unique experience is soon to be made available across the country with a fully functioning mobile darkroom, check back for more news......

Please spend some time exploring this site and I hope you find something of interest.