Websites, Accessibility, Digitalisation and Film Photography in the heart of the Royal Forest of Dean

  • Photograph of liverpool waterfront shot in 1998  LIV112 Liverpool (uk) shot a hasselblad

Working with the VI community

I have been fortunate to do lots of things ranging from commercial photography to book publishing. Then websites became an obvious progression. Now my main interest is accessibility. So working with the Visual Impaired (VI) community we are collectivly trying to make that web experience better for all. I work with a great team of passionate people and we are in the process of setting up a Community Interest Company which will be able to offer advice regarding accessibility.

Also I have a film/print mobile darkroom and a huge array of film cameras which are available for a unique experience. Throw away your digital life for one moment and experience the stillness of film. Turn that negative into a positive...


Things That Interest Me