My Beatles Hell

My Beatles Hell
By Lew Baxter

Beryl Adams was Brian Epstein’s secretary when he ‘found’ the Beatles and began to shape them into a global phenomenon. But the boisterous lifestyle became her personal hell and she tried to kill herself. She dramatically quit Epstein’s expanding empire just as it and the Beatles hit global stardom. Curiously after Epstein she worked for another showbiz impresario in Italy and then for the owner of the fabled Cavern Club in Liverpool – and she even became the first woman to manage a rock band. But booze and drugs took their toll and Beryl hid away from the music scene for thirty years. Then just as she was opening up to tell her fascinating story fate dealt her another cruel and terminal blow. This book is - too pun on a Beatles famous song - the ‘tragical history tour’ of an ordinary woman who was swept up and yet ruined by the madcap whirlwind that became the Beatles bandwagon.

© Published 2004

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ISBN: 0-9531995-4-1

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My Beatles Hell