Mike McCartneys LIVE8

Live8 was one of the greatest days of the year, possibly the decade. Bob Geldof telephoned me, explained the idea of Making Poverty History and aiming the concert at the G8 conference. I was sold. Bob’s a great salesman. He asked me if I would open the show together with U2, singing Sgt Pepper ‘It was 20 years ago today’ ... and close the show with ‘The Long and Winding Road’ during which they would show pictures of the suffering of the African people and the marchers heading north to the G8 conference. So I said yes and that’s what happened.

Luckily, my brother Mike was there with his trusty camera to record the day and capture many of the exciting backstage happenings.

This book is made from a selection of those pictures and he and I are proud to have been there together and to have been a part of this momentous event.

Sir Paul McCartney