Fool on the Hill

The Fool On The Hill
By Lew Baxter

Allan Williams will be forever infamously known as the ‘man who gave the Beatles away’. It was Allan who first saw the potential of the band and as their first manager had the foresight to help shape their musical characters by sending them to work in the somewhat seedy nightclubs of Hamburg’s red light district. But – seemingly - he had an argument with John Lennon and decided to have nothing more to do with what he regarded as an unruly outfit. Step in Brian Epstein and the rest is history. This book tells the story of Allan’s connections to the Beatles and his life and experiences after. It is the story of a true maverick who has survived in the shadow of the world’s greatest musical combo. His decision to ditch the group is ranked amongst the top five business blunders ever.

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Fool on the Hill